Conversations with a Black Creative

Conversations with a Black Creative


Black creative is a phrase that relates with me not only creatively but personally; being that I am a fellow black creative. I preach about the importance of creating positive platforms of media and entertainment for the individuals thriving in a community they currently serve. Black creatives are key puzzle pieces to the advancement of the urban black community because they help promote and uplift to feed positivity towards the cause.

Bones RVA founder and CEO 0f Haitian Boy Entertainment is the epitome of a black creative. Based out of Richmond, Virginia HBE helps guide the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry withexpertise in management, marketing and advertising. The company has a strategic consultation plan that creates an image for their clients enabling them to monetize from their brand. Mr. Wayne Silencieux a.k.a Bones became interested in the entertainment industry in 2008. The idea of having his own independent multi – media record label gave him the freedom to explore new places and discover his individuality as a black business owner. With his brand on his shoulders Bones RVA entrepreneurship is limitless.

SistaMIA:Who is Bones RVA?

Bones RVAI was given the name Bones from a friend i grew up with. I was 55 lbs. at 9 years old. One day he was doing graffiti and I thought it was cool I asked him to teach me how to do it. He then asked me. “what was my nickname?”, I told him I didn’t have one. He said “You do now. Youskinny and it doesn’t seem like you’ll get any bigger anytime soon. So, I’m going to call you Bones.”The RVA stands for Richmond VA where I was born and raised. I love my community and I love giving back.

SM:How did the creation of Haitian Boy Entertainment come about?

BRVA:Well Haitian Boy Entertainment (HBE) came from me wanting to venture out. I was originally doing house parties celebrating my birthday. After seeing how successful I was becoming at hosting parties. I decided to start my own promotional company, after several parties I thought it was time to take it to the next level. I knew I would need unsigned talent to up the ante. After several searches, I finally found what I believed would be the person I could help take their talent to the next level. While we’re still searching for more talent we are on the rise for opening doors for independent artist to get them to the next level.


SM: What is the focus behind HBE?

BRVA: We adopt a regional, intimate approach where we concentrate on several local artists. By working with only a few artists at one time, we’re able to offer a much more specialized and attentive level of service for our clients. We exist as a locally based record label whose mission is to promote local music artist, increasing live appearances and record sales. We established to promote our artist but at the same time make a fair profit while doing so.

SM: What was the reason you begin a career in the music industry?

BRVA:I originally wanted to be a music artist myself, I felt I wanted to use music to reach out to my community. Music has been a first love of mine but I also enjoy writing and creating poetry as well. Music can be such a major influence and connects with individuals more since the rise of social media, I will do anything to be a part of that.


SM:How do you create the connection with you and your artists?

BRVA:I create such a great connection with my artist simply by relating and understanding where they are coming from as far as needs and expectation from management is concerned. We have an understanding that I can put you in positions to further your career but it’s up to them to put in the work.


SM: What do you feel has been your biggest obstacle as a black entrepreneur?

BRVA:I think the biggest obstacle has been dealing with the jealousy from my peers who have the idea they can do better or not wanting HBE to succeed. It still blows my mind you find this type of behavior from people in your personal social circle.We, as in the Black community, too often focus more on trying to compete with one another instead of supporting and helping one another.


SM: What are your opinions of the music and entertainment industry today?

BRVA:My thoughts are and will always be the same. I’m a big Tupac advocate so today’s music doesn’t do nothing for me unless you’re a J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar or Common. There’s nothing wrong with an individual’s perception of music today, but to me it’s about ideas and intellect of the artists making the music. I focus more into what have you done for the community and your listeners. Like for instance I like Lil Wayne’s music but him as a person and not being in tune with the people who wholeheartedly support you just bothers me and I don’t value him in the music industry as I used to.

SM: Do you think you have a different approach with marketing and promotion of artists?

BRVA:Yes, I do. I think what separates me and other mangers is the fact that I’m old school and I value everything outside of social media and what society says and thinks about aartists’ lifestyle and movements.

SM: What type of lesson since being involved in the music and entertainment industry has taught you personally?

BRVA:The music industry has taught me that most of it is business and who you know, also people will do just about anything to make it.

SM:As Black Creative, how do you feel you influence the urban black community?

BRVA: I influence my community by them understanding where I started from and the direction I’m headed. I want people in the community to never give up on themselves n matter how hard it gets, I feel I am a great example of that type of struggle.


Bones RVA and HBE currently is managing the musical career of singer Miss Alexis Bell who is featured on My Current Situation: ATL being shown on Centric Network. The management group is pushing and networking with many other artists and businesses daily to help build and monetize these brands. This company and its founder has a bright future ahead of them that should only reign in success.

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook: @HaitianBoyEnt

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